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Dec 21, 2018 – Apr 30, 2019

There are certain problems that may prove very difficult to attend to especially in the
workspace. Of such problems, dealing with a cabinet or drawer lock can be ranked as one of the
most frustrating situations. When faced with situations such as lost keys or broken locks on
your filing cabinets ...

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Locked Out? We Can Help!

Dec 21, 2018 – Dec 28, 2018

Locksmiths are one of the most important people to connect with and keep within reach. This is
important because they are capable of helping you get around home and office security issues.
Locksmiths are also experts who can help you in the event you lock your keys inside your car.
With these bei...

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Leave Your Security to the Best

Dec 21, 2018 – Apr 30, 2019

Your lock problems at home, in the workplace or your car, need not leave you hopeless. We at
Payless Locksmith Company provide solutions that will surely unburden you and get you right
back on track. As a professional locksmith company, we are committed to giving clients the best
kind of troubles...

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In case you are in need of an emergency responder, a locksmith who can help you after having
been locked out of your home, office, and car or have your keys made into duplicates, and
Protected Locksmith, Inc. can provide these for you. As the best Payless locksmith, we exist to
provide the best t...

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For the past two decades , we have been providing high quality locksmith services for residents
in Harvey. We have performed several security audit, installations and repair services in order
to strengthen the security fabric of many homes in Harvey . We have also been very pivotal in
building a ...

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With a good reputation comes top quality services and so the top rated car locksmith companies are the best to go for. Right from emergency car ignition repair, car key replacement or duplication services all through jammed car truck lock repair, top listed professional company in HA...

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The type of locks works through a proper code which, when entered into the keypad, releases a small current that causes the lock bolt to disengage. Then the lock will open. This lock will certainly prevent burglars from breaking in since for sure, they can’t figure out the code. Most keypads sol...

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Call Pay Less Locksmith. We will be there to rescue you from emergency situations. If you are locked out of your home or car, can’t find your keys, cannot start the ignition, or broke the key in the lock, we can give you good honest service. We do not want our customers locked out in bad weather ...

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7 months ago
I appreciate the quality of service provided by Payless Locksmith. Also, the urgency they exhibited when unlocking my Toyota Camry's door. Excellent company that is professionally run.
- noemili n
7 months ago
I genuinely believe that Payless Locksmiths have your best interest out of the local locksmiths simply because they are competitively priced and more responsive than any other locksmith company I tried to contact, which is a testament to how respectful and professional they are. Highly recommend for your residential locksmith service needs.
- tanisha s
2 years ago
Great service , I was at Walmart in Harvey Louisiana , in Manhattan Blvd , I locked my keys in my trunk , I called around few companies , no one answered the phone., When I called Payless Locksmith The guy answered right away , Showed up in few mins , made me a new key To my Pontiac , I highly recommend Payless Locksmith
- Marvin P


Locksmiths are one of the most important people to connect with and keep within reach. This is important because they are capable of helping you get around home and office security issues. Locksmiths are also experts who can help you in the event you lock your keys inside your car. With these being said, there are a number of important reasons why you may need the services of a locksmith. Below are some of the common reasons to choose the services of a locksmith.

  1. Broken keys

When rushing into the home or out of the home, there are a number of things that could go wrong to mess the entirety of your day up. One of such scenarios is when you hear the unfamiliar snap sound indicating that a part of your key is broken in the lock. Dealing with key breaks can be a devastating one especially when in a hurry and as such, there is the need to connect with a locksmith in Harvey who offers emergency services to ensure that you can gain entry into your property or securely lock it upon exit.

  1. Car lockout

While most people may have experienced home lockouts, it is important to note that car lockouts are more intense compared to this. Car lockouts happen in a split of a second and in most cases, vehicle owners may not have their spare keys at their disposal thus putting them in a dicey situation. When faced with such situation, you have the option of contacting a car locksmith in Harvey who offers affordable services or towing the vehicle to the dealership. While the latter option is more expensive, there is the need to choose a locksmith who is both experienced, professional and offers emergency services to ensure that you regain access to your car in a short period.

  1. Electronic key problems

While keys and locks have been redefined over the years, there is the need to understand that the basic function remains the same, to protect the property from unauthorized entry. Modern vehicles however come with electronic keys which are harder to tamper with thus putting vehicle owners in dicey situations when they lose their keys or have problems with it. A professional locksmith will be able to perform repairs, replace batteries and also make copies of keys as demanded by the client.

  1. Lost Keys

Another reason you will be needing the service of a locksmith is when you lose your home or office keys. Taking into consideration the size of keys, it is possible to lose them during the day or misplace them. A lost key may not be noticed until you need to lockup after work or need to gain entry into your home. To ensure that you get the best care, contact a 24 hr locksmith in Harvey to handle this situation.

  1. You have moved into a new home

When you have moved into a new home, chances are that you may not be too confident with regards to the existing security solution in place. To ensure that you get the best security for your home or office space after moving into a new property, call on Harvey locksmiths to have a look at the existing security system and recommend possible upgrades.

Taking into consideration the demands of moving from one location to another, below are some of the recommended things to do after moving into a new home.

  1. Have utilities transferred

Settling into the new home without the essential utilities can be a total pain and as such, there is the need for you to ensure that your utilities such as water and electricity are transferred to the new location. It is important to avoid making the silly mistake of forgetting this step as it will put you through a lot of inconveniences at the new place. Be sure to schedule for the utilities to be transferred and turned on a day before you complete your move into the new house. Taking into consideration the stress and hassles associated with moving, you do not want to start off your experience with an uncomfortable one.

  1. Inspect the entire home

Though when trying to get the home you may have inspected it thoroughly, the next best thing when moving into the new place is to properly inspect again. In some cases, new movers may choose to hire the services of professionals to ensure that the home is up to health and safety standards. It is also important for you to properly assess all items that have been moved over to ensure that the moving company did a good job and take note of the damages.

  1. Register Your Vehicles

For people who have moved into a new location, to ensure that you remain on the right side of the law and also to ensure that you can get all the comfort you require and desire, registering your car should be one of the top priorities for you to consider. Be sure to obtain a new driver’s license and update your vehicles’ registrations. However, there may be no need to rush this process as you are allowed a period of one month after your move to get your documents sorted out.

  1. Consider security, change all the locks

After you finally get into the new place, there is the need to prioritize your security and as such there is the need to ensure that you look for a trusted a locksmith in Harvey to handle your home security needs. Changing the locks ensures that you are the only person in charge of the access to the property. Seeking the services of a 24 hr locksmith in Harvey to have your home security needs catered to can save you a lot of stress and property loss while preventing against burglary.

When making a move to Harvey, contact Payless Locksmith when in search of locksmith near me to handle all your home security needs and to ensure that your property remains safe and secure.

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